Scarleteen Volunteer Application

Would you like to volunteer for Scarleteen?

We'd love to consider you for our team if you have time and energy to commit and a burning desire to help us provide some of the best sex education online. Nearly all of our staff are volunteer staff: we couldn't do this without them!

Here's how this all works: we consider volunteer applicants with a peer-review process; we share your application with the whole team of staff and volunteers, and everyone makes a vote. If most of us are on board, then we'll make sure you're set up on our message boards, and then let you have a run of lightly working those as a community member for a month. If you follow through with that month and all goes well, then we'll finish all of this up by getting you set up with everything you need to be a volunteer full-stop, start training you into the areas you want to work, and get you all going!

When marking the amount of time you want to volunteer on the application below, be sure to take that first month on the boards and then a couple weeks of basic training into account.

Volunteering for us is a primarily unpaid position, and we ask volunteers to be able to commit to around ten hours per week. We do compensate all volunteers at the end of every fiscal year with a stipend based on what we have available in our budget, as well as a person's active hours and tenure. Yearly stipend amounts currently range between $250 and $500. Volunteers are also offered opportunities for short-term paying freelance work at Scarleteen when it is available.

Please ONLY apply if you are available to work at least a couple hours on a Saturday or Sunday. Weekends are often our most busy time in direct services, and also the time when we often have the fewest volunteers.  At this time, we do not need any more volunteers who can only work on weekdays.

(Please cut and paste this application into an email, fill it out and return it to feedbackATscarleteenDOTcom. Please include a scan of a current photo ID.)

Today’s Date:

Full Name:

Preferred Name and/or Username:

Date of birth:

Street Address:

City, State, Zip:



Email address:

How long have you known about/ been using (if a user in any of our direct services, please list your handle)?

Please list the volunteer services you would be interested in performing at Scarleteen:

__ Message board moderation, live chat or our mobile (SMS) service
__ Advice Columns (must have previous writing experience and include samples with your application)
__ Writing/Updating articles or site features (must have previous writing experience and include examples with your application)
__ Editing/ Cleanup
__ Social Media
__ Translation (must be a native speaker in the language you're translating into, must have some formal translation training or personal experience)
__ Site development/Tech (must be Drupal-proficient)
__ Public relations/ Organizational administration
__ Volunteer co-management
__ Research
__ In-person outreach (must be in the Seattle area)
__ Other:

Have you volunteered for Scarleteen in the past? If so, please list the dates of your volunteer service and what duties you performed:

Are you looking to volunteer for Scarleteen as an internship for school credit? If so, please detail what your internship requirements are, and who we should contact to discuss or verify your internship.

Why do you want to volunteer at Scarleteen?

Are there any sexuality/sexual health topics you feel you would be or are uncomfortable with?

Is there anything in your life history or your life currently which would make you someone potentially unsafe or inappropriate for working with young people, including sexual abuse/assault survivors, LGBTQ young people or other more vulnerable users? Please also disclose any crimes you have attempted, committed or been charged with as an adult (over 18).

Please list previous work, school or life experience you feel would be of benefit to Scarleteen (or attach resumé):

How many hours per week/month do you want to volunteer (volunteers are asked to do an average of 6-10 hours per week)?

How long can you commit to volunteering for Scarleteen at this time?

__ Three months
__ Six months
__ One year

What do you think your weekly schedule will be like? What days and times (PST) do you generally have available for volunteering?

Can you tell us a little bit about your own adolescence and what that was like for you? What were your biggest challenges? What did you need help with the most? What really got you through?

Favorite Movies:

Favorite Books:

Favorite Websites or Magazines:

If you were a method of birth control, which one would you be and why?

Which, if any, of the following random things staff and volunteers often seem to have in common at Scarleteen apply to you?
__ I'm short
__ I'm a redhead
__ I am often incredibly silly
__ I'm a Buffy the Vampire Slayer geek
__ I have rainbow-colored hair
__ I have a background in art or music
__ Pants frequently annoy me
__ I'm vegan or vegetarian
__ I collect something other people would consider strange
__ I tend to make up words or phrases
__ I kick ass at Scrabble

Please list the name, email and phone of at least one professional reference (if you do not have a job reference, a teacher or professor is fine) and an emergency contact:

Reference Name:

Reference Name:

Emergency Contact:

If you are under 18, have your parent or guardian email us a letter of permission to volunteer at Scarleteen with a phone number we can reach them at, if needed.